Friday, 7 December 2012

Masala Paneer (Cheese) Roll

Masala Paneer Roll


  1. 200 gm paneer ( cut ino small cube size)
  2. 3 cups flour (maida)
  3. 1 thinly chopped capsicum
  4. 2 big sliced onion
  5. 1 thinly sliced cucumber
  6. 1 chopped tomato
  7. 8-10 tbsps white oil
  8. 1/2 (half) cup curd
  9. 1 tbsps black pepper powder
  10. 3-4 chopped green chilli
  11. 1 tea spoon turmeric powder
  12. 2 tbsps ginger-garlic paste
  13. 1 tbsps garam masala powder
  14. 2 cups water
  15. Tomato sauce
  16. 2 tbsps lemon juice
  17. Chilli sauce
  18. Salt to taste


  • Take a pan and heat 2-3 tbsps oil.
  • Fry the paneer pieces lightly and keep aside. 
  •  Add chopped onion,capsicum.
  • Stir and add chopped green chilli, turmeric powder, black pepper powder,ginger and garlic paste.
  • Cook for 2-4 minutes.
  • After that add fried paneer pieces.
  • Add curd and salt into it.
  • Add little water.
  • Cook for 5-7 minutes.
  • Spread garam masala and keep aside.
  • Now take another big bowl and mix salt and water into flour.
  • Make a soft dough with it.
  • Divide dough into equal size to make roti.
  • Fry the both side of  roti with white oil.
  • Repeat it to make another one.
  • Next put cooked paneer, chopped cucumber, chopped onion in the middle portion of roti.
  • Squeeze tomato sauce and chilli sauce.
  • Add lemon juice.
  • Roll it carefully.

          Serve hot.


               Flour dough should not be so stiff. When make dough add 1 tbsps oil.

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